Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wet n Wild Saved By The Blue Nail Polish; Review and Swatches!

Hey guys!

I picked up a bottle of Wet n Wild's FastDry nail polish (from CVS) the other day in a color that looked like a dark but bright royal blue.  I had low expectations for this nail polish since it was only $2.00, but let's see how it worked out...

First of all, this color.  WOW!  It was hard to capture this color in a picture, but it's like an electric bright royal blue.  I loved it, and got so many compliments on it!

The polish stayed for about 3 days without chipping, and I thought that was pretty good for a $2.00 polish.  It took 2 coats to get perfect coverage, although I probably would've been okay with 1 :P

I really really like this polish, and I would try other ones from this line.  Not sure if the other colors would be quite as WOW as this one, but it's quality polish either way!

So what do you think?  Would you try these polishes, and do you like this color?

Thanks for reading!
xoxo Monica <3

Monday, June 11, 2012

Essence Colour and Shine Eyeshadow; Review and Swatches!

Hey everyone!

I'm back with a review of a super inexpensive eyeshadow from Essence, I got it for about a dollar at Ulta.  The shade I grabbed was shade 03, a super sparkly lavender.

I'd never used an eyeshadow with a marble-y look before, and I thought this was really pretty.

It's actually really well pigmented, which surprised me a lot considering how cheap it was!

I think this color is reallyyyy pretty.  You may not like it if you aren't a fan of super sparkly or shimmery shadows, but I love experimenting with things like this.  It had good lasting power too, and I would definitely recommend it!  I definitely want to try the other shades of this eyeshadow.

So what do you think?  Have you already/will you be trying this pretty shadow?

Until next time!

xoxo Monica <3

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Urban Decay Eyeliners; Review and Swatches!

Hey gals!

So I know Urban Decay eyeliners are old news.  I'm sure we've all tried (or atleast lusted over?) these puppies.  I have 4 colors; Woodstock, Radium, Ransom, and Junkie.

I had heard these eyeliners were like, FANTASTIC.  And they're 24/7 liners, which means they last all day, right?  Here are the swatches:
The colors were a little brighter in real life, but not much.  I thought the colors were pretty and nicely pigmented. 

I put the blue on my eyes just to show you what they look like:

I felt like it was really difficult to apply theses without getting a really thick line.  Although that's okay for the bright colors, if I were using black or brown I would NOT like the thick line.

I also found that they faded by the end of the day just like any other eyeliner.  Not 24 hour at all!  And for $18 a pop??  I dunno...  maybe just not all they're cracked up to be?

What do you think?  Do you LOVE these eyeliners?  Maybe I'm the crazy one here...

Thanks for reading!
xoxo Monica <3

Lipstick Comparison: Milani, Maybelline, Revlon; Review and Swatches!

Hi everyone!

Today I'm reviewing 3 different lipsticks:  Milani Color Perfect in Frosted Pink, Maybelline Color Sensational in Porcelain Pink, and Revlon Moon Drops in Peach Silk.

They all sell for $6-$9 at drugstores, I got mine at CVS.

I thought the colors all looked really pretty in the tube.  I'm always looking for a pale lipstick that applies well and stays on, and the Revlon had an orange tinge to it that I didn't have anywhere else in my collection.

From left to right:  Maybelline, Milani, Revlon.
All these swatches looked pigmented and smooth, so I had high hopes for these lipsticks!

Milani Color Perfect in Frosted Pink

As you can see, the color is pretty with a nice shimmer, but as soon as you touch your lips together the color smears (see the extra pigmented strip on my lower lip?).  It also didn't stay SUPER long, only around 2 hours.  It also smells really weird.  I might be willing to try this in a different color, but will definitely not repurchase Frosted Pink.

Maybelline Color Sensational in Porcelain Pink
I had the same problem with this color smearing and becoming uneven shortly after being applied.  Maybe it's a pastel lipstick thing?  I also felt this color washed me out a lot.  It did last quite a while though, around 5 hours.  I will not be repurchasing the Porcelain lipstick collection by Maybelline, but would try another shade in their Color Sensational line.

Revlon Moon Drops in Peach Silk
This color is by far my favorite of the 3 I'm reviewing today.  The color was really pigmented and even, and I love the orangey shade.  I've been wanting to try an orange lipstick, and this is a good in between shade to ease me in to them.  This color lasted around 4 hours.  I definitely want to try other Revlon lipsticks, especially from the Moon Drops line!

Bottom line?  The Milani was just meh.  Wouldn't recommend it although I've loved all their other makeup.  The Maybelline would be great in a darker color I think.  The Revlon was awesome, and I definitely think that it was the best.

Thanks for reading!
xoxo Monica <3

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wet n Wild Color Icon Blush; Review and Swatches!

Hey makeup lovers!

Today I'm reviewing a blush from Wet n Wild that I picked up at CVS for about $3.00.  It's called Color Icon, and I got it in a nice peachy shimmer pink called Pearlescent Pink.

The packaging is a little cheap, but really-- what more can you expect for 3 bucks??

It comes with a little brush inside the casing.
Honestly the brush is crappy.  The bristles are really rough and it's awkwardly shaped.  However, I just used the brush I use for my powder and bronzer and it worked perfectly fine.  The brush definitely didn't help my opinion of this product, but since I have other brushes it really wasn't an issue.

The blush actually comes out quite pigmented, to my surprise.  I also thought it was really true to color.

I thought it looked nice on too:
In my opinion, it performs just as well as my $10 blush.  It lasted all day too!  Wet n Wild continues to impress me with their low cost products!  I would definitely recommend this blush to anyone who wants a cheap alternative to other brands of blush :)

Thanks for reading!
xoxo Monica <3

NYX Frou Frou Mascara; Swatches and Review

Hey everyone!

I'm back today with another review, a new mascara I snagged from Ulta yesterday for $6.00.  NYX has a whole line of mascaras out (with coordinated tubes-- super cute) and I picked up Frou Frou, which claims to voluminize and lengthen.

Cute, right?

The brush was fairly average in my opinion, nothing unique or interesting about it.
Note--  I know the mascara looks grayish in this photo, but it's actually black in real life.  The flash messed up the coloring :P

So does it work?
Here are my bare lashes, not curled.

Then, my lashes with one coat of NYX Frou Frou mascara; still not curled.
Can you say LENGTH??

Here are my eyes closed to see the full drama of the lashes:

I absolutely love how much length this mascara gave me.  It gave a good amount of volume too, so it actually lived up to its claims!  I wore this mascara for 11 hours today, and it hasn't flaked or smudged at all.  The mascara does have an odd scent (floral?) when you open the tube, but it completely goes away once applied. 

For only $6.00 this is one of the best mascara I've tried, and I'd definitely recommend it!  I would like to try the rest of the NYX collection of mascaras at one point.

So what do you think?  Do you like what you see?  Will you be trying NYX mascara?  Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!
xoxo Monica

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Revlon Photoready Mascara and Milani Eyetech; Review and Swatches!

Hey guys!

Today I'm writing about Revlon Photoready Mascara and Milani Eyetech eyeliner in black. 

This mascara is one of my favorites, which really surprised me coming from Revlon as I usually don't like their mascaras.

The tube is pretty, I like the square design.  There is also quite a lot of product in it, 0.34 fl oz, for around $8.00.

The brush is kinda big but has long and thin bristles, which I really like.

This is me with one coat of Revlon Photoready mascara on the left side, and bare lashes on the right.  I did not curl my lashes.  This mascara will stay on me all day, without smudging or flaking.  Major plus!  It is not waterproof though, so it might come off at the pool or even in the rain. 

The Milani Eyetech comes in a small gold tube that will set you back about $8.00.  In my opinion, this is actually a high price for such a tiny tube, only 0.015 fl oz! 

The tip on this is very thin, which is nice, because I find a lot of eyeliners aren't capable of creating very thin lines easily.  I also like the felt tip, it's like a mix of liquid and pencil!

As you can see, it makes a thin but solid black line.  I like how dark the coloring is.  It has good staying power, because I left this on overnight and it stayed.  However, it will come off by just rubbing it too hard.

In this picture, I have Milani Eyetech eyeliner (applied thickly) and Revlon Photoready mascara on the left side, and nothing on the right.

Eyes closed, with Revlon Photoready mascara and Milani Eyetech eyeliner on.

Overall, I would definitely recommend the Revlon Photoready mascara, because it gives the lashes great length and definition, and lasts all day.  The Milani Eyetech is great for me because it can give me the thinner line that I can't get with other eyeliners.  However, if you are capable of making thin lines with other eyeliners, I would probably save your $8.00 on this one, because other than that it's really nothing special, and it will smudge if you rub your eyes.

Thanks for reading!
xoxo Monica <3

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Wet n Wild Silk Finish Lipstick; Swatches and Review!

Hello everyone!

I'm doing my first makeup review today, of Wet n Wild's Silk Finish lipsticks.  They sell them at drugstores, I got mine for only $0.99 a pop!  I was a little concerned about the quality since they're so dirt cheap, but I bought 3 colors:  547B (neutral cream shimmer), 528A (medium pink shimmer), and 521A (hot pink glossy).

Here are what they look like in their cases:
From left to right:  547B, 528A, and 521A.  The cases are a little cheap looking, but they have lasted fine and I haven't had any problems with them. 

Here are the swatches!
From left to right:  547B, 528A, and 521A.  I was pleasantly surprised with these!  I thought they had good pigmentation, and they were true to color.  However, on my lips they did not look exactly the same.

On my lips; 547B, 528A, and 521A.
As you can see, the cream color barely shows up, it just adds a slight shimmer to my lips.  The medium pink is actually very close to my natural lip color, just a tad darker.  I loveee the hot pink though!  I get a few weird looks because its a little bold for school, but I <3 it!  These lipsticks go on very smoothly, and they don't dry out my lips at all.  They are also virtually unscented, which is a plus :)

Overall, I didn't love the lightest shade, but the other two were very nice.  These last for around 2 hours on me, which isn't great, but for $0.99 I'm willing to have to reapply!
These are sold at almost every drugstore, and there are almost 20 colors.  I would definitely recommend these if you would prefer to have a variety of lipsticks to choose between, because for the price you can pick up multiple.

Until next time!
xoxo Monica <3