Saturday, June 2, 2012

Wet n Wild Silk Finish Lipstick; Swatches and Review!

Hello everyone!

I'm doing my first makeup review today, of Wet n Wild's Silk Finish lipsticks.  They sell them at drugstores, I got mine for only $0.99 a pop!  I was a little concerned about the quality since they're so dirt cheap, but I bought 3 colors:  547B (neutral cream shimmer), 528A (medium pink shimmer), and 521A (hot pink glossy).

Here are what they look like in their cases:
From left to right:  547B, 528A, and 521A.  The cases are a little cheap looking, but they have lasted fine and I haven't had any problems with them. 

Here are the swatches!
From left to right:  547B, 528A, and 521A.  I was pleasantly surprised with these!  I thought they had good pigmentation, and they were true to color.  However, on my lips they did not look exactly the same.

On my lips; 547B, 528A, and 521A.
As you can see, the cream color barely shows up, it just adds a slight shimmer to my lips.  The medium pink is actually very close to my natural lip color, just a tad darker.  I loveee the hot pink though!  I get a few weird looks because its a little bold for school, but I <3 it!  These lipsticks go on very smoothly, and they don't dry out my lips at all.  They are also virtually unscented, which is a plus :)

Overall, I didn't love the lightest shade, but the other two were very nice.  These last for around 2 hours on me, which isn't great, but for $0.99 I'm willing to have to reapply!
These are sold at almost every drugstore, and there are almost 20 colors.  I would definitely recommend these if you would prefer to have a variety of lipsticks to choose between, because for the price you can pick up multiple.

Until next time!
xoxo Monica <3

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